• Gstreamer x264enc example

    Gstreamer x264enc example

    It is recommended to download any files or other content you may need that are hosted on processors. The site is now set to read only. This page provides example pipelines that can be copied to the command line to demonstrate various GStreamer operations. Some of the pipelines may need modification for things such as file names, ip addresses, etc. It is our hope that people using this page will add new interesting pipelines that they themselves are using.

    For example, on DM if you are decoding a video and outputing to component please include your pipeline for others to use as a reference. Refer to this Gstreamer article for more information on downloading and building TI Gstreamer elements.

    Currently these pipelines have not undergone any extensive testing. If you find an error in a pipeline please correct it. You should be able to use any audio and video media file that conforms to the appropriate standard.

    The following ffmpeg command takes a. Run the command on your host computer. Following are a list of supported platforms, with links that jump directly to pipeline examples for each platform. Before executing the pipeline you need to set couple of environment variables, load kernel modules and activate video planes as follows:. This platform does not have an accelerated audio decoder element.

    This platform does not have an accelerated audio encoder element. You can use the ARM based audio encoders "lame" or "faac". This section gives example where EVM acts as streaming server, which captures, encodes and transmit via udp. Host PC can be used as client to decode. Notes on DM Performance: There is a known issue on DM where there are intermittent freezes in video and audio playback in some cases. If you experience this, nicing your gst-launch command to 15 as follows may resolve the issue:.

    You can use the ARM based audio decoders "mad" or "faac".This particular release note seems to have covered important changes, such as:. Applying -v will print out useful information. And most importantly the negotiation results. Before anything, you will need to install it: On Mac OS, brew will work for the most of the times.

    To install x support, simply type brew options gst-plugins-ugly and you will see --with-x as an options. Sometimes you might need to brew reinstall to get some plugins not sure why?

    Another success I had is to use VideoToolbox. The caps filter are somewhat needed so that negotiation will succeed. Not sure how this approach compares to the x one. You can install opencv plugins in gst-plugins-bad by brew install gst-plugins-bad --with-opencv. It seems that OS X avfvideosrc only supports the following resolution: xxxxx This is pretty impressive if you compare this to RPi.

    What an unfair comparison The marking library is helpful to get the execution time with markin and markout. The fork fixed the autoconf compilation issue. I've been using this to measure the processing time of OpenCV faceblur. On Macbook Proit's somewhere around 10ms using resolution: x I found gst-launch Skip to content. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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    Gstreamer basic real time streaming tutorial

    Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. Collections of GStreamer usages. Most GStreamer examples found online are either for Linux or for gstreamer 0. There may be a timestamping problem, or this computer is too slow. Then you can live test face detection in your pipeline.Gstreamer is a tool for manipulating video streams. The purposes I have used it for is mainly to stream video in real time over a local area IP network.

    Doing that I found a lack of basic tutorials on how to do that using the command line.

    Wirelessly streaming a video from a Raspberry to a remote laptop

    This tutorial covers the basics of live streaming. To read or write files will not be covered, though the basics of that is easy following the same principles as broadcasting the streams. If you want to see a comparison of the real time capabilities of the streams, that is a post coming soon. If you cannot distinguish between the original and the copy, it passes.

    Gstreamer consists of several command line applications.

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    In this tutorial we focus on two of them: gst-launch The main part of the tutorial covers how that is done. Gstreamer is constructed using a pipes and filter architecture. The pipes and filters can be added to each other much like unix pipelines but within the scope of gstreamer. The basic structure of a stream pipeline is that you start with a stream source camera, screengrab, file etc and end with a stream sink screen window, file, network etc.

    The entire system of pads and filters is called a pipeline. This stream launches the video test source and pipes it to the screen. Autovideosink is a useful abstraction. Use that. Gstreamer has a filter called capabilities, caps for short. That changes some properties of the stream. What properties can be set depends on the type of stream. To start manipulating your stream, one of the first things you might want to do is change the properties of the raw stream.

    The following example changes the resolution to x pixels. This step assumes you have a working camera attached to your system. The suorce for the linux camera is v4l2src. This could actually fail depending on your cameras aspect ratio. I will come back to that later. Autovideosink is much more easy to get working, and is by that quite useful to debug your pipelines. For my purpose I wanted to use either a camera or a portion of the screen as a source. Gstreamer has screengrabbers. If you are on Linux it is ximagesrc, on windows it is XXX.

    Those are different sources and work in different ways. I will try to cover them both. In this case it is needed since the xvimagesrc has not defined its output format.The pass property controls the type of encoding.

    This will similarly be the case if this target bitrate is to obtained in multiple 2 or 3 pass encoding. Alternatively, one may choose to perform Constant Quantizer or Quality encoding, in which case the quantizer property controls much of the outcome, in that case bitrate is the maximum bitrate.

    The H profile that is eventually used depends on a few settings. If dct8x8 is enabled, then High profile is used. Otherwise, if cabac entropy coding is enabled or bframes are allowed, then Main Profile is in effect, and otherwise Baseline profile applies.

    The high profile is imposed by default, which is fine for most software players and settings, but in some cases e. The recommended way to set a profile is to set it in the downstream caps.

    After this the option-string property is applied, followed by the user-set properties, fast first pass restrictions and finally the profile restrictions. Some settings, including the default settings, may lead to quite some latency i. This may cause problems with pipeline stalling in non-trivial pipelines, because the encoder latency is often considerably higher than the default size of a simple queue element. Also see the last example below.

    This example pipeline will encode a test video source to H muxed in an AVI container, while ensuring a sane minimum quantization factor to avoid some excessive waste. This example pipeline will encode a test video source to H using fixed quantization, and muxes it in a Matroska container. This example pipeline will encode a test video source to H while displaying the input material at the same time.

    As mentioned above, specific settings are needed in this case to avoid pipeline stalling. Depending on goals and context, other approaches are possible, e.

    Toggle navigation. Example pipeline gst-launch Members i4x4 0x — i4x4. Members auto -1 — Automatic use incoming video information. Members dia 0 — dia. Members cbr 0 — Constant Bitrate Encoding. Members None 0 — No preset. Members none 0 — No tuning. Members stillimage 0x — Still image.GStreamer comes with a set of tools which range from handy to absolutely essential.

    There is no code in this tutorial, just sit back and relax, and we will teach you:. These tools are available in the bin directory of the GStreamer binaries. Just open a terminal or console window and go to the bin directory of your GStreamer installation Read again the Installing GStreamer section to find our where this isand you are ready to start typing the commands given in this tutorial.

    On Linux, you should use the GStreamer version installed with your distribution, the tools should be installed with a package named gstreamer1 on Fedora style distributions, or gstreamer1. In order to allow for multiple versions of GStreamer to coexists in the same system, these tools are versioned, this is, a GStreamer version number is appended to their name. This version is based on GStreamer 1. It allows you to quickly check if a given pipeline works, before going through the actual implementation using GStreamer API calls.

    Bear in mind that it can only create simple pipelines. In particular, it can only simulate the interaction of the pipeline with the application up to a certain level. In any case, it is extremely handy to test pipelines quickly, and is used by GStreamer developers around the world on a daily basis. Please note that gst-launch You should not build applications on top of it. Although the rules to construct pipeline descriptions are very simple, the concatenation of multiple elements can quickly make such descriptions resemble black magic.

    gstreamer x264enc example

    Fear not, for everyone learns the gst-launch The command line for gst-launch Some simplified instructions are given next, see the complete documentation at the reference page for gst-launch Go ahead and type in the following command:.

    You should see a windows with an animated video pattern. This instantiates a new element of type videotestsrc an element which generates a sample video patternan videoconvert an element which does raw video format conversion, making sure other elements can understand each otherand an autovideosink a window to which video is rendered.

    Then, GStreamer tries to link the output of each element to the input of the element appearing on its right in the description. If more than one input or output Pad is available, the Pad Caps are used to find two compatible Pads. Use the gst-inspect Elements can be named using the name property, in this way complex pipelines involving branches can be created. Names allow linking to elements created previously in the description, and are indispensable to use elements with multiple output pads, like demuxers or tees, for example.

    You should see two video windows, showing the same sample video pattern. If you see only one, try to move it, since it is probably on top of the second window.

    This example instantiates a videotestsrclinked to a videoconvertlinked to a tee Remember from Basic tutorial 7: Multithreading and Pad Availability that a tee copies to each of its output pads everything coming through its input pad. To learn why the queues are necessary read Basic tutorial 7: Multithreading and Pad Availability.

    Instead of letting GStreamer choose which Pad to use when linking two elements, you may want to specify the Pads directly. You can do this by adding a dot plus the Pad name after the name of the element it must be a named element.

    Learn the names of the Pads of an element by using the gst-inspect This fetches a media file from the internet using souphttpsrcwhich is in webm format a special kind of Matroska container, see Basic tutorial 2: GStreamer concepts.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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    Unfortunately the pipeline does not go beyond prerolling. You need to give the caps of the video after the xenc and you need to increase the limits on the audio queue to handle the delay in xenc. Learn more. Asked 7 years, 5 months ago. Active 7 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 6k times. I am trying to convert a DVD to mkv file with gstreamer.

    Paul Praet Paul Praet 1, 10 10 silver badges 22 22 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. Byte stream should be 0 - sorry for that earlier You need to give the caps of the video after the xenc and you need to increase the limits on the audio queue to handle the delay in xenc These two changes have the pipeline running at my end.

    The deinterlacer is optional but desirable for interlaced content. Anup Cowkur 19k 6 6 gold badges 43 43 silver badges 77 77 bronze badges. Thanks a lot, man! Now, my question is, how did you figure this out? How do you debug these kinds of things? How can you analyze why the pipeline does not start?

    BTW: I see you also added audioconvert. Is that necessary? Then you need to scan for errors, warnings, sentences like "could not Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

    gstreamer x264enc example

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    gstreamer x264enc example

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