• Garmin custom poi icons

    Garmin custom poi icons

    This site is in German, but has 3 pages of custom vehicles. Click the links on the left side of the page fahrzeuge 1, 2 and the next one. I like the radar and pfeil. They are in. I modified the blue 2d arrow vehicles from Garmin so that the tip of the vehicle is at your current location instead of the middle of the vehicle, as well as experimented with making a few crosshair vehicles.

    I'm glad it worked. If it didn't work after all that work, boy, you would be mad at me. I converted one of the vehicles on that website and got it to open in Photoshop, but have been to busy to finish it.

    I wanted to make the vehicle smaller so you can get a more precise location of where you are. Sometimes the vehicle is so big it's hard to see when to turn or where you are exactly. I already modified the 2d blue arrows so that the tip of the arrow is at your current location instead of the middle of the arrow I find it works well and you are welcome to a copy if you like.

    garmin custom poi icons

    Maybe there should be a catagory where people can upload there modified vehicle images on poi-factory? I would like to see some of the creations. Yes, I don't see why the car has to be so big. Half as big would be just as visible. At close-in zooms the car looks like it's a half-mile long. That gets longer as you zoom out since everything gets reduced except the car. Are all the vehicles on the Garmin website about the same size? They all look large, but I don't think they are drawn to scale.

    garmin custom poi icons

    Great Batmobiles! I've never seen those versions.

    How to make custom vehicle icons

    I agree with Lerch and would like to see a page where they are all posted. I started a collection of websites of vehicles that people have created.

    I thought this might be a good place to post them. Let me know what you think! Hey buddy, I have windows XP and my computer will not let me download the Sony extension for the. Do you know what I might need to load them onto my Garmin? Now the next challenge is to get it hosted on Poi-factory.In most cases, simply connecting your Garmin compatible unit to your computer with the power on, will automatically open the POI Loader.

    You will have to select which drive and folder your POI folder is included in. You can then select "Express" download or "Manual" download. Express will automatically send the POI's into the unit and in the case of Speed zone POI's will determine from the specific speed alert, the distance at where the alert will sound.

    The higher the speed, the greater the distance of when the alert will sound. If you select "Manual" you can specify the speed and distance.

    You will be prompted for each file and if you want to set either speed or distance alerts. When you are finished, you then press "next" and the POI's will automatically be downloaded into your Garmin unit.

    A message will indicate how many POI's were loaded onto your unit. The maximum proximity distance you can set in the "manual" mode is 37 miles.

    This means that for those POIs, you will be alerted if you get within 37 miles as a 'crow flies. Updating or replacing your POI files. Each time you want to add a new POI to your Garmin capable unit, you must add it in your POI folder on your computer and then re-send all of the POI files from your folder on the computer.

    The POI Loader automatically erases those currently in the unit and replaces them only with the new ones you send. However, in some units this is not an option. Your Garmin GPS device may have image size requirements. Most compatible Garmin products work well with icons that are 24x24 pixels or smaller. Bitmaps that do not meet those requirements may appear distorted when viewed on the unit's screen.

    Custom bitmaps can also include a transparent color. Most compatible Garmin products use magenta RBG0, as the transparent color. There are a lot of programs out there which can help you create a bmp file.

    Follow this link for information from garmin. TourGuide is a feature available on compatible Garmin devices. When you approach a TourGuide point, the.

    TourGuide files must be saved as. After you have created all your TourGuide points, save them as a. To do so, include the path to the. Search the internet for more information on ID3 tags for.

    Redlight The Redlight category will give you a proximity alert, when you enter that meter perimeter, and will sound regardless of your speed. This is handy if you know where redlight cameras are in your area, and want to be reminded. Using "Redlight" in a file name, will create a meter proximity alert.Garmin GPS. Presented by: Gary Hayman [since October, ]. This area is presented separated from the other Tricks, Tips, etc They are in addition to and are highly useful in making your GPS a more capable and interesting tool.

    If you have experience with Custom POIs already, this area may not be for you as I suspect you most probably are a more advanced user than is expected here. However, you may, as the articles begin to appear, pick up a couple of hints or discover alternate techniques which may be useful. Also, you might want to contribute an article or two in order to help the 'new' people. I will be discussing, and providing the links to other Freeware or Shareware programs that may be useful.

    Also, this area is not designed as an 'end all' information source. There are already some very excellent sources that I will refer you to, in a later article, if you desire to seek detailed information.

    I will be starting off rather easy, making it useful and fun along the way. There will be some steps that you have already done. If so, good. You are already ahead of the game. In the first article, I will invite you to do some 'set-up' activities which will carry you through all other Custom POI incorporation.

    For many of the actions that I a m suggesting, there are other ways of doing them. I am suggesting these easy techniques at first -- " In the beginning, I will provide you with the necessary artwork and sounds, however, you can easily change this later to other artwork and sounds to express your individual personality and likes.

    I will show you how in future articles and even provide you, at that time, with links to freeware, shareware and even on-line applications that will help you.

    What you are going to do now is set up a unique folder on your computer where Custom POIs type. You may name it anything you want just so you can easily recognize it and get to it.

    I place it in my Garmin Nuvi folder as I have other Garmin folders for other instruments and I don't want to mix things up. It is in this folder that you will be placing all the POIs and associated icons and sounds you make or collect before uploading them to your GPS.

    You can use Windows Explorer to establish your folder i f you use a PC. Mac people, I can't help you as I went from Apple to PC way back in the late 20th century but most probably the procedures are the same or similar. If you use a Apple or an Apple Lisa, I can't help you at all. You will find the download link in the second paragraph. There will be an option for a Windows or Mac version in a later screen.

    You will also be able to read download instructions and system requirements before the actual download. OK -- you are now set up, ready to progress. Now that was easy,wasn't it? The procedure here is to acquaint you with the use of the card if you so desire. Still, reading and following the procedure here, whether you send the created file to your SD card or to your GPSr will be of benefit to you and the project will get you started understanding Custom POIs in a most benificial way.

    Here is your initial project. It is easy to do and will also provide you with some entertainment each time you approach your home with your GPS activated if you have. You will be establishing a Proximity Alert at your home. That should be in a different folder than the 'special folder' that I mention here. I have written about this in many of the following articles in this section of the website. However, by the time you repeat it two or three times it will only take about one minute to do.

    For now, let's just use 3 elements: longitude, latitude, name.Note: Version 6. Make sure you have the most recent version. In the first post of this seriesI started describing the process of creating and uploading a custom waypoint icon to a Garmin mapping GPS unit; little of what follows will make sense unless you read that first. Today, the thrilling semi-conclusion! It shows that the original image has the properties I listed yesterday that the graphic needs in order to be uploaded back into the Garmin:.

    Photoshop has taken it upon itself to spontaneously change the dpi from 96 to 71; thanks, Photoshop! If I try to upload this new image to the Garmin with xImage, I get:. Since purple is the transparent color, only the green should show up on-screen as the waypoint icon.

    Select the waypoint name that corresponds to the name of the BMP graphic file Waypoint Symbolthen select the folder that contains the new graphic; xImage will automatically look for a graphic file with the correct name. If you have multiple new custom waypoint icons, you can do them all at once at this stage.

    Now, in the screen where you choose from Custom waypoint icons, the new graphic will appear in position :. And if now create a new waypoint in my GPS, and select this graphic for the waypoint, it will show up in the map display:.

    Related posts:. The critical thing I found was that the file must not be compressed. I tried it again with Photoshop Elements 2.

    Custom POI icons

    What that is, I have no idea. Download the custom file as described above, fill the file with cyan ,0,save. Either draw your wp with the pencil in Image Composer, OR insert a bmp, jpg as a second layer. The comment about Paint. It can save a bmp file in 8 bit mode. The option will be display when you save the image.

    MapSource Any good advise how to establish icons in this version?? In the meantime, the only way to get back custom waypoint icon support is to uninstall the latest version of MapSource, then re-install it from your data disk and upgrade it to version 6. Just downloaded MapSource 6. Any good advises?? Works on my system — found it in the My Garmin directory in Documents. But in the earlier versions of MapSource I could find 7 round blue costum icons among marine, hunt, air transport icons.

    I dont see the costum icons. Is there any risk in removing MapSource and re-install?? On the plus side, this venerable program can open and save BMP files in color format, without changing the dpi. On the minus side, the editing interface stinks.Reply to Topic. Start New Topic. Ok - I got my Mobile PC installed and love how it looks so far.

    Using the search, I can find any of them I want. However, I can't see any of the icons on the map in the Browse Map view. Any ideas? Ken in Regina. Get in the general area of one of them and zoom until you see an icon at that location. Custom POI icons don't show at the same zoom level as the builtin ones. You need to zoom at least one more level tighter. At least that's the way mine work. Once you see the icon, is it your custom icon or a generic one?

    I'll have to play with that a bit and see if I can figure it out. Did you load them from a GPX file? The custom poi sets are gpi's. I've zoomed to the tightest zoom level and still can't see any poi icons - builtin or my own. The map detail level setting is set to most. The only thing that was available for download was the csv file.

    I loaded that into mpc with poiloader. That's not interesting because it's not the file with the original data in it and it's not readable as text. That is interesting because it contains text that I can read and see what information is included with each POI. In particular, it might contain a symbol reference. That might help figure out what is happening. Sorry about all the noise in here. Looks like this might be your answer. The key is to make sure the.

    CSV file and the.By jpd43August 8, in GPS. I have the Name, difficulty, terrain, hind and container all there, and this is great.

    Garmin Custom POI

    However, none of the POIs show up on the map screen. I can navigate to it using the maps and it does give me the routes, but doesn't show the waypoints on the map. Is there a way to get them to show the way the geocaches do? I don't believe I have, but wouldn't they still show up as the rectangular box with the name in it? If you don't have icons specifically built and included in the POI folder on your computer, then the GPSr will use the default symbol.

    garmin custom poi icons

    On my 60CSx, that is a round grey spherical dot. The trick is in setting the level at which POIs are to display. On the map setup screen you will find "Max zoom" settings for various things. Perhaps you have this at "off". Set it to ft or ft and see what that does for you. All the other POIs come on at the same level, so if you set it too high then urban areas are totally paved with icons and you cannot see the streets.

    POI Files for United States & Elsewhere

    The icons not being the same is not a real problem, but I don't get to see the custom POIs until I get right on top of them. Sometimes you may drive right past one as you are going to the next. It does map the route just fine and when I get close enough it will show the point and name and all, I was just wondering if there was a way to get them all to show the way a geocache file shows all of the geocaches.

    As I pointed out, you can get them all to show up, but they show up with all the other POIs. You set the Max Zoom size to a higher level try 1. I have set my map point Custom POI to be visible at the 5 km level, and they an only they are visible until I zoom further in to around the m level where the map points Map POI become visible, this last zoom level depend on what you have set the map detail level to.

    I have that set to the middle of the 5 I don't have the GPSr with me now so I can't remember the name of that level. Someone can correct me here: I thought I had read somewhere, not too long ago, on some thread here, that on the 60 'x' GPS', you can activate your declutter and view your custom POIs without all them other POIs. I know that don't work on the Etex', but someone said it worked on the 60s.

    It works on mybut can't test it on a 60 'x' unit. I just tried my 60cx. Declutter turns off both custom and std POI.

    Large on map points just affects Text size. Auto on map points zoom will give you all poi's at '. Run the zoom level up to. So say you have a setting of mi on map point zoom.

    You will see all POIs to. Check "Detail" under Map Setup.Categories Discussions Sign In. Find out more about how to manage cookies, or dismiss this message and continue to use cookies. I am new and have searched but maybe I don't know what exactly to search for to see if this has already been answered. If it has been answered already please excuse the newbie. They all got downloaded to the GPS.

    On the screen of the GPS all you see is a little black dot, no icon. I find that odd since Walgreens, Jack in the Box, and a couple others show up perfectly, which is how I would like the ones I downloaded to show up. Can someone please explain to me exactly how to get these icons to show up instead of the little black boxes? August The first thing you can try is to zoom in on the map to see if it appears.

    BMP files you downloaded may be not an ideal size for your Nuvi. They should be 24 X 24 pixels. The bottom one "burgerkinglogoold. Here you can view the size and change it, once changed, save it. Or you can use any other program you may have that can edit bmp files. First try zooming in on that map, that may cure it for you. There are a couple of other things to check as well: - the file name of the. In other words, if you installed a file called Burger King.

    When you open the. On some Nuvi models color is the only setting that will allow the icon to appear on the map screen. Many of the icons on POI-Factory use 24bit color for.


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